Terms of Service

These Terms of Service apply to all Users of the 3DHive.mobi Service (Hereinafter referred to as User and Service respectively), specifically users who are also contributors of Content on the Service (Hereby referred to as Author). “Content” includes the text, software, games, scripts, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, audiovisual combinations, interactive features and other materials 3DHive.mobi users may view on, access through, or contribute to the Service. The Service includes all aspects of 3DHive, including but not limited to all products, software and services offered via the 3DHive website, such as the 3DHive apps, 3DHive white labelled apps, 3DHive Forums, the 3DHive Authoring tools, the 3DHive "Uploader" and “Scheduler” and other applications.
The Service may contain links to third party websites that are not owned or controlled by Playware Studios Pte Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Playware). Playware has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party websites. In addition, Playware will not and cannot censor or edit the content of any third-party site. By using the Service, Users expressly relieve Playware from any and all liability arising from the Users use of any third-party website.


Users & Authors agree not to use the Service for any of the following commercial uses unless through Playware's prior written approval:
  • the sale of access to the Service.
  • the sale of advertising, sponsorships, or promotions placed on or within the Service or Content; or.
  • the sale of advertising, sponsorships, or promotions on any page of an ad-enabled blog or website containing Content delivered via the Service, unless other material not obtained from Playware appears on the same page and is of sufficient value to be the basis for such sales.
Authors shall be solely responsible for their Content and the consequences of submitting and publishing their Content on the Service. Authors affirm, represent, and warrant that the they own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to publish Content that they submit; and the Authors license to Playware all patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights in and to such Content for publication on the Service pursuant to these Terms of Service.


Authors further agree that they will not submit to the Service any Content or other material that is contrary to the 3DHive Community Guidelines which include:
  • 3DHive.mobi is not for pornography or sexually explicit content. No Nudity or sexual content.
  • No content that encourage others to do things that might cause them to get badly hurt, especially children..
  • No content promoting or glorifying the use or consumption of Alcohol, Nicotine, Narcotic Drugs or other harmful substances.  .
  • It's not acceptable to post violent or gory content that is primarily intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful..
  • Playware and 3DHive.mobi does not support content that promotes or condones violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status or sexual orientation/gender identity, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics..
  • Things like predatory behaviour, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invading privacy, revealing other people's personal information and inciting others to commit violent acts or to violate the Terms of Use are taken very seriously.
  • 3DHive.mobi is not to be used for content that is contrary to applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations.

Playware does not endorse any Content submitted to the Service by any Author, User or Other licensor, or any opinion, recommendation, or advice expressed therein, and Playware expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with Content. Playware does not permit copyright infringing activities and infringement of intellectual property rights on the Service, and Playware will remove all Content if properly notified that such Content infringes on another's intellectual property rights. Playware reserves the right to remove Content without prior notice.